Conference Highlights

The Underground Operators Conference 2020 program is now live on the conference website! Featuring four internationally-recognised keynotes and over 45 technical presentations, the program will cover the following key themes:

  • Process transformation – Operators are encouraged to share case studies on how the traditional processes have changed on their site and what impact that has had to safety, productivity, the workforce.
  • Innovative mining methods and practices – Operators can showcase their case studies on their operation’s innovation.
  • Health and safety – Operators are encouraged to share their stories about how the health and safety landscape is changing and how they are implementing and managing those changes.
  • Collaboration between suppliers, operations and alternative industries – Operators are encouraged to share their experiences with collaboration on projects with traditional suppliers and alternative industries to solve their challenges.

  • Navigating social licence – What are your challenges with your local communities? How does your underground mine impact on the community? Operators can share their experiences through case study to the mining industry.
  • Revolutionising the traditional mine – How has digital technology broken down the barriers within the mining operation?
  • Measuring performance – Operators are encouraged to share their experiences in measuring project performance, what do you measure and what is consider success?

Keynote Speakers

Laura Tyler

Asset President Olympic Dam and Chief Geoscientist, BHP

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Gary Zamel

Executive Chairman, CommChain Pty Ltd
Making a career in mining innovation to deliver benefits to national prosperity

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Knut Garshol

Rock Engineering Consultant, Sweden
Driving of tunnels with complete groundwater control and execution of combined immediate and permanent support using shotcrete and bolts

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Roy Slack

President, Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy & Petroleum
Deeper, Faster, Safer: Observations on the present and future state of underground mine access in the new frontier.

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